Our goal is to keep the leading position of the company in the tourism market and thus we always try to provide the best services for our customers. Our services include:

SERVICES on board

At Union Coach Services we always look to improve and enrich your experience during your journey with us. That's why in 2017 we created the ISLAND magazine (in English & German) in collaboration with Creta Media Lab. This magazine contains useful information and beautiful pictures of hundreds of "must-see" places that a passenger will likely want to visit during his stay on the island.

In 2018, we equipped all of our vehicles with WiFi devices. Now with free WiFi, all our passengers can surf the internet while on the bus.


Transportation of people with mobility difficulties has for many years been a service we provide with sensitivity and attention.

Understanding the comfort that your own wheelchair offers during transport, we securely and reliably ensure your transportation throughout Crete.

In 2018 our company bought two new mini buses, Mercedes Sprinter, which are equipped with a special electro-hydraulic ramp and have space to carry two (2) wheelchairs simultaneously and ten (10) escorts.


The safety of our passengers has been and always will be our first priority. Bellow, we present you the company's security regulations form.