Lake Kournas

Lake Kournas is the only freshwater lake on our island and is an important wetland protected by the Natura network. In the lake as well as in the surrounding area reside many animals, like ducks, eels, waterfowl, as well as a rare species of two-colored turtle with beautiful painted paintings on her shell.

As for the activities you can do, you can rent a sea bike and enjoy a stroll through the beautiful lake. You can also take a walk around the lake, a journey of about 3.5 km and a duration of 45 to 50 minutes.

On the eastern side of the lake you will find many taverns right next to the water, which offer wonderful views of the lake and the small hills and mountains rising from the west.


The village of Argiroupoli is one of the most beautiful villages of Crete. It is located at an altitude of 260 meters and has about 500 inhabitants.

The village stands today where, in antiquity, the city of Lappa was situated. For Lappa there are ancient sources that connect it with the war of Lyttos and with the first Cretan War, while Roman and Venetians also came from its lands.

In the village you will find old Venetian buildings, beautiful Byzantine churches and Roman remains. The most famous attraction in the area is the sources of Agia Dynami, a place full of green and running waters. You will also find many taverns to relax and enjoy hot traditional food.

In case you want to learn some things about the history of the place, you can first visit the folklore museum of the village. Finally, you can take a stop at some of the historical sights, which include an ancient necropolis (located a few meters outside the village) and a beautiful mosaic of the Roman period.